Sunday working on East Midlands Trains

21 May 2009

ASLEF has today issued a letter to all of their drivers on East Midlands Trains (EMT) encouraging them to work normally on Sundays.


The letter reads as follows:


21st May 2009


Dear Member


We write further to the letter of 15 May 2009, which was sent pursuant to an Order of the High Court.


As that letter explained, ASLEF and EMT are currently in disagreement as to whether drivers have a contractual duty to work on Sundays when rostered. EMT have recently confirmed that there is no wish on their part to force drivers to work Sundays and they envisage a continuation of the current local arrangements by which cover is invariably available for drivers who do not wish to work a rostered turn on a Sunday.


Irrespective of the contractual disagreement, the Union encourages members to work normally on Sundays.


ASLEF emphasise that:

  • at no stage have ASLEF, its officials and representatives issued an instruction to members not to work normally on Sundays;
  • ASLEF endorse and repeat the contents of the joint letter of 15 May 2009; and
  • ASLEF, its officials and representatives do not seek to induce or procure any of EMT’s employees to breach their contracts of employment.


As stated above, ASLEF encourages its members to work normally on Sundays so that there should be no unnecessary disruption to Sunday service to the public. Further ASLEF encourages drivers to volunteer to work this Sunday to assist EMT in running an effective Sunday service should there be any shortage of rostered or starred drivers.


Yours sincerely



Steve Grant - Acting General Secretary


Michael Whelan - District Organiser




East Midlands Trains Drivers Functional Representatives:


Andrew Botham


Rebekah Peterson


Darren Caslin


David Plumb

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