Safe workers’ Bill introduced in Scotland

08 May 2009

‘It is six years since ASLEF and the TGWU launched a joint campaign for better protection for Scotland‘s transport workers. We’re pleased to say that as a result Hugh Henry MSP has now produced a draft Bill defining what we are seeking,’ says ASLEF’s officer in Scotland, Kevin Lindsay.


Kevin explains that the unions demanded equal status in law as a nurse, doctor or any emergency service worker, but up to now have been unable to convince the Scottish government of our case. However as attacks continued it was decided to re-launch the campaign.


‘This time we secured the support of three Labour MSPs - Hugh Henry, Karen Whitefield and Cathy Jamieson. We held a rally in Glasgow at the beginning of the year and leafleted Glasgow Central station, with high media coverage. The public were clearly supportive and the demands for a safer transport system grew. In addition the STUC held a summit to discus various union campaigns demanding better protection for workers.’


As a result Hugh Henry, with specialist support from Thompsons Solicitors, has produced a draft Bill (click here to view). The next step is opening it up to consultation and seeking the backing of as many MSPs as possible with the aim of introducing legislation. Kevin says plans are being made for a rally and demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament to further highlight our case.


Kevin says he is proud of leading the role ASLEF has taken and believes, ‘The momentum is growing. If we keep up the pressure the Scottish people will soon have laws which give greater protection to all public employees carrying out their duties.’

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