‘Think Biggs, remember Mills’ says rail union

24 April 2009

Keith Norman, general secretary of the train drivers’ union ASLEF, says it is ridiculous that parole is being considered for Ronnie Biggs as rail workers all over the country are preparing for events on 28 April calling for protection against violence at work.


ASLEF insists that people considering parole for the thief Ronnie Biggs should have train driver Jack Mills at the forefront of their minds. ‘Biggs is not some cheeky-chappie romantic Robin Hood figure,’ says union leader Keith Norman. ‘He’s a petty thief who was involved in a violent crime that left Jack Mills seriously harmed while he was going about his work.


‘Jack was attacked with an axe-handle and, hand-cuffed to second man David Whitby, was tossed into the engine compartment by these ruffians. He never fully recovered.


‘Biggs took part in a violent robbery and lived a playboy life in South America while two train drivers – Jack and David – recovered from beatings handed out by Biggs and his bully mates. So who deserves the sympathy? A convicted thug or a honest working train driver going about his business?’


Keith was speaking as rail unions across the country prepared for nation-wide events on 28 April drawing attention to railway safety. The unions will be


· calling for an end to violence against staff and


· protesting against track maintenance being cut by 28% while the government is allocating £30 billion to build more shops and cafés at station.


‘Would you sooner have a frothy cappuccino or a safe railway?’ Keith asked.

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