Still no ATP 20 years after Purley crash

04 March 2009

It is twenty years to the day since the Purley rail crash. Driver Bob Morgan was unjustly convicted of being culpable and it took 18 years to clear his name in the High Court – but even slower is progress on installing the Automatic Train Protection (ATP) system that was recommended after the tragedy.


ATP is installed all over the continent, but hardly exists in the UK. ASLEF’s Keith Norman says he knows why it has never been introduced. ‘In one word – money,’ he says. ‘It is scandalous that accidents have happened and lives have been lost that could have been prevented,’ Keith says. ‘It makes a mockery of the phrase, ‘Safety is our number one priority’ which is trotted out every time there is an incident.


‘The Hidden inquiry into the Clapham rail crash six months after Purley spelled out that ATP should be installed across the rail network. A couple of decades later there are small areas covered in Western and Chiltern.


‘It would be a fitting tribute to those who died at Purley, and to Bob whose life was unfairly devastated if Network Rail was to announce today that ATP will be installed across the UK.’


‘But I suspect that attraction to profit will once again outweigh commitment to safety.’

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