Threat to dock snow day pay

09 February 2009

The union has responded sharply to a threat by Transport for London (TfL) to dock the pay of members who didn’t get to work on the first Monday in February – the day which began with a total shutdown of transport in the capital!


A company spokesman said, ‘If staff are not able to provide a good reason for why they were not at work, they will be expected to take annual or unpaid leave.’ Union members want to know what better excuse there could be than a deluge of snow and a shut-down of public transport!


ASLEF general secretary Keith Norman says Transport for London is being ‘senselessly provocative’ in suggesting that it will dock pay from tube drivers who were unable to get to work through the snow. ‘Our members who could get in, got in,’ he says.


‘A bright forward-thinking company would be talking about recognition for those who managed to report for work rather than seeking to punish those who couldn’t make it.


‘I hope this is not a reflection of a new attitude because of the change of Mayor.


‘I am sure most Londoners will agree that being penalised for failing to arrive at work last week would be both vindictive and mean. This was a day when TfL itself had shut the bus service and the whole network was disrupted! The management claim that 80% of the tube was running that day is utter fantasy.


‘If TfL presses ahead with this threat, the union will defend its members vigorously.’

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