Stop the NHS Privatisation Plot

11 March 2013

Our NHS is precious – we don't want it privatised

Jeremy Hunt's plan to force local doctors to open up almost all NHS services to private companies is anti-democratic and breaks government promises made last year.

He is trying to use new powers, hidden within last year's controversial NHS laws, to force local GPs to privatise more health services.

The NHS is important to all of British society and we know that when private health companies move in, it often doesn't end well for patients.One of the reasons so many people opposed the NHS law last year was because they were worried it would pave the way to privatisation. Now we need to do all we can to stop that happening.

We want to ensure that his plan, contained in the NHS Competition regulations (SI 257), is subject to debate and vote, on the floor of both Houses of Parliament, and that it is defeated or withdrawn.

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