Level crossing lessons still not learned says union

18 August 2010

Train drivers’ union ASLEF has expressed its dismay at yesterday’s collision on a level crossing in Suffolk which saw injuries to 21 passengers, two seriously, as well as the train driver. The circumstances of this latest collision in Little Cornard, Sudbury echo those of many similar incidents on level crossings in recent years.

General Secretary Keith Norman said ‘It saddens me that lessons have not been learned from previous accidents and that the health and safety of many level crossings remains outdated. Despite an expensive campaign to promote its record on level crossings Network Rail has, in fact, failed to modernise many of these crucial interfaces between road and rail thereby doing a great disservice to rail passengers and staff as well as the wider public.’


ASLEF plans to write to outgoing Network Rail Chief Executive Iain Coucher and Secretary of State for Transport Philip Hammond MP urging them to prioritise investment in upgrading level crossing infrastructure.

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