Government proposes £683 milllion transport cuts

26 May 2010

The coalition government has announced that the budget of the Department for Transport (DfT) will be cut by £683 million in the coming year. ASLEF’s general secretary Keith Norman said it was a ‘quite incredible' proposal when only the previous day the government had declared that ‘a modern transport infrastructure is essential for a dynamic and entrepreneurial economy, as well as to improve well-being and quality of life’.

‘This is a blatant example of the government facing in two directions at the same time,’ Keith said. ‘It is more ‘con public’ than Con-Lib.’

Although details of the government intentions have not been revealed, it appears that

  • the promised new £1 billion rolling stock for Thameslink is under threat
  • a total of £638 million will be taken from Passenger Transport Executives and other local transport schemes
  • rolling stock being procured under the High Level Output Specification is now uncertain. The Department has said 'planned spend' on new trains in the coming year for which contracts have not already been signed will be dropped.
  • Transport for London, already almost at crisis point, will lose £108 million
  • Network Rail stands to lose £100 million.

‘This is not ‘cutting waste’,’ said Keith Norman. ‘It is undermining the rail network. ASLEF will make our opposition to these plans very plain to Philip Hammond, the new Secretary of State for Transport.’

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