Tories already renege on promises

16 April 2010

The value of Conservative pledges on transport plummeted this week when the Tory shadow minister for London, Justine Greening, said there could be no guarantees about their commitments!

The Conservative Manifesto is (or seemed to be!) precise. It says, ‘We support Crossrail and the electrification of the Great Western line to South Wales.’

So both would be safe under a Tory administration?
Well, no.

In fact, in an interview on LBC radio, Putney MP Greening specifically refused to guarantee support for Crossrail, the £16bn project to link the east and west of London by rail.

Justine Greening told LBC radio that, ‘although they supported it, they could offer no guarantee’.

‘In which case, why is it included in the Tory manifesto?’ demands ASLEF general secretary Keith Norman. ‘The Tories usually wait until after an election before breaking their promises!

‘This puts a big question mark over any Tory commitments – notably towards the electrification programme.’

Lord Adonis, Labour’s secretary of state for transport, says his party is offering ‘an unequivocal guarantee’ to go ahead with Crossrail.

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