Train crash in Belgium

18 February 2010

The union has sent a message of support and solidarity to our sister unions in Belgium expressing our sympathy and support for them in the wake of the crash near Halle which has claimed the lives of 18 people including one of the train drivers. The other remains in a critical condition.

Keith Norman wrote, ‘On behalf of all members of ASLEF, the trade union for train drivers in the UK, I would like to pass on my deepest sympathy to all those having friends, relations or work colleagues involved in the train crash at Halle earlier this week.

‘At times like these our nationality is unimportant. The names on the sides of our trains are immaterial. The uniforms we wear are of no consequence. We are part of a global family of trade unionists and rail workers.

‘We mourn with you as we strengthen our resolve to work for railways whose two main priorities are safety and public service. If there is anything ASLEF can do to assist you at this terrible time, you have only to let us know what it is.

‘With our solidarity and sympathy.’

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