Secure Future for Union Learning Project

18 February 2010

The future of the ASLEF ‘Proud to Educate’ life-long learning project is secure following successful bids for financial backing.

This month the union has

  • secured £150K in Wales to set up a union learning project
  • obtained an additional £35k in Scotland to work within the freight companies; and
  • had news of a successful bid for £525K from the English Union Learning Fund (ULF).

All the projects will work with ASLEF members to provide them with learning opportunities at flexible times and locations. They will also promote the role of Union Learning Representatives (ULRs) and all projects will have a dedicated team of Project Workers to work closely with the ULRs to get learning activity going within their companies.

We will also be changing the name from ‘Proud to Educate’ to ‘ASLEF – Education’ to reflect our objectives more clearly, but the aim of offering learning to ASLEF members remains the same.

‘I am delighted that the union will be able to continue to offer this service to members, and encourage everyone to have a word with their ULR to see what’s on offer through the programme,’ says general secretary Keith Norman. ‘I’m sure you’ll be surprised at the range and quality of courses on offer.’

For more information on the ASLEF learning projects contact Shirley Handsley by phone on 07739 473 174 or by email at

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