Clarkson ‘the face of bigotry’ says GS

01 December 2011

ASLEF’s general secretary Mick Whelan says the union will complain formally to the BBC about remarks made by Jeremy Clarkson suggesting it’s not worth stopping the train for a railway suicide.

‘This ignorant and bigoted man reflects everything that is bad about a society dominated by greed and selfishness,’ Mick says. ‘He has no respect for human tragedy or dignity. To him, a bloodied corpse on the line is nothing more than an annoying delay in his journey.

‘Our members at the front of the train can be severely traumatised by these incidents, but Mr Cameron’s close friend Clarkson couldn’t care less.

Clarkson said, ‘I do sometimes use the train to come to London but it always stops in Reading. It's always because somebody has jumped in front of it and somebody has burst.’

Mick says this shows a terrible disregard for the families of the bereaved and the trauma caused to ASLEF’s train driver members. ‘This is not ‘winding people up’. It is a reflection of a callous man. The BBC said it ‘enjoys Jeremy's views’. We would enjoy his dismissal.’

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