Support public servants on 30 November

28 November 2011

ASLEF today called on any of its members who are in a position to do so to support the activities of public servants who are on strike on 30 November to defend their agreed pension arrangements. ‘Our union is not on strike as we are not directly involved in the dispute,’ says general secretary Mick Whelan. ‘But although rail workers are no longer public service employees, we work within one of the most important public services.’

Mick called on ASLEF members to offer their support to strikers in their area. He said, ‘Britain’s public servants will come out in force in the face of their employers demanding that they pay more for worse pension conditions. We back public sector workers in that fight not only because it is morally just, but because our employers are watching the outcome as carefully as we are. But with far less benevolent motives.’

A BBC poll today has revealed that 61% of people believe public sector workers are justified in going on strike over pension changes.

The major event in central London will be a rally followed by a march. Strikers and their supporters will meet at Lincoln’s Inn Fields at noon.

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