DB Shenker ‘underhand’ as ballot papers go out

02 September 2011

Ballot papers went out today seeking the endorsement of ASLEF members for industrial action in the company. The result of the membership vote will be known on 19 September. Meanwhile the company’s ‘dark arts’ section has moved into overdrive.

Several drivers from a number of locations have contacted ASLEF’s head office complaining at managers circulating rumours and giving briefings which are a good deal wide of the truth.

They have claimed in mess-rooms that the dispute is over a single individual case - which is blatantly not the case. The dispute is about the company’s general approach towards discipline, which the union says is ‘frequently inconsistent, unfair, excessive and draconian’.

Managers have also been claiming that the union’s full time officer is responsible for the dispute and that he does not have the backing of the Company Council or the membership. This is false. The ballot was called by elected representatives at both company and national level. The national executive had no hesitation in making a unanimous decision to instigate a ballot when they received reports about the company’s discipline record.

‘It is a sign of either incompetence or panic when management behave in this way,’ said ASLEF general secretary Keith Norman.

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