ATW ‘hones in on the insignificant’

06 June 2011

Arriva Trains Wales (ATW) has demonstrated its priorities in excellent style with news that it intends to ban its train drivers from wearing trade union ties. In the background go issues such as track delays, lack of electrification and a row over one of their managers telling the BBC that ASLEF members drive ‘milk floats’.

Keith Norman, ASLEF’s general secretary, says it is a tribute to the company that they can ‘manage to discover and hone in on the most insignificant issues at a time of potential crisis for rail in Wales’.

‘The government’s consultant Roy McNulty is talking about ‘downgrading’ rural lines and threatening the whole operation of rail in Wales,’ Keith says. ‘And what is bothering ATW management? Ties!’

Keith says, ‘I’m sure our passengers are more concerned with getting a reliable service than having a driver dressed as a company clone.’

ATW has decided to spend money issuing drivers with a new style uniform - and in a bid to win over staff are also issuing a warning letter to drivers that they will be disciplined if they wear an ASLEF tie.

‘The words ‘small’ and ‘minded’ spring to mind,’ says Keith.

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