London Midland Dispute

29 March 2011

We have had a number of enquiries about the reasons for the dispute between the union and London Midland. We explained this in December last year on the website, but for ease of reference this is the position.

This is a dispute over equal pay and conditions for drivers working for the company.

‘London Midland is made up of two previous franchises, Silverlink and Central Trains,’ explains ASLEF officer Mick Whelan. ‘We have been negotiating for three years to harmonise the conditions of drivers from the two companies – over 600 in all - but our efforts have been resisted by management all the way.

‘Some drivers are being paid £1,200 less than other drivers for doing exactly the same job. It is a ludicrous situation and we will be taking strike action to demonstrate the strength of feeling of our membership at London Midland.’

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