Further strike on Arriva Trains Wales – 12 March

04 March 2011

Talks between ASLEF and Arriva Trains Wales (ATW) ended yesterday with no agreement, and the union has called for a further day of strike action on Saturday 12 March.

General Secretary Keith Norman says he is bitterly disappointed in the company. 'They came up with an improved offer but refused to allow the union to ballot on it. They insisted that they wanted an immediate - undemocratic - response or they would withdraw the revised offer. We asked to be allowed to put it to our members, but they refused. As a democratic organisation, we could not accept that we break our own rules or deny our members a voice.

‘Given the company’s reluctance to change the position and the unacceptability of their previous offer, we have little choice but to take further action,’ Keith said, as he reiterated that he and the union’s President are ready and willing to be involved in any further negotiations. In the interim, Keith said he could not rule out further dates of industrial action.

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