Milk Float gibe fans flames of ATW dispute

24 February 2011

The Operations Director of Arriva Trains Wales last night stoked the flames of the dispute between ASLEF and the company when he suggested in a BBC Radio Wales interview that our members were engaged in driving ‘milk floats’

Peter Leppard was being interviewed about the fact that ASLEF members are to take strike action on Monday and will not work overtime on Sunday. He said the union was virtually calling two days action because of a refusal to work non-contractual overtime on Sunday.

He was then pressed as to why train drivers in Wales should be paid less than train drivers in other parts of the UK when he said there was a great difference between driving high-speed trains and local ones. ‘It’s the difference between driving a jumbo jet and a milk float,’ he declared.

Stan Moran, the union’s officer in Wales, was incensed at the remark. ‘Trains in Wales do not go over 100mph,’ he said, ‘but all drivers reach the same standard of competence regardless of what company they work for, or where they drive,’ he said. ‘This is the sort of ill-informed nonsense that has led to the current dispute.’

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