Scots reinstate freight facilities grant

16 February 2011

ASLEF is delighted that its lobbying in Scotland to reverse the scrapping of Freight Facilities grants has proved successful. ‘It is a significant victory to retain the scheme even if its value has been reduced,’ says general secretary Keith Norman. ‘It’s a vital tool in ensuring that freight is moved by more environmentally friendly methods.’

The reinstatement of the fund follows a joint campaign by the Freight on Rail, of which ASLEF is a leading member, and the sustainable transport alliance Transform Scotland organisation who said, ‘Rail freight is three times more energy-efficient than road haulage, and there are clear carbon benefits from ongoing investment in rail freight across Scotland.’

The announcement came as part of the Scottish Budget. Cabinet Secretary John Swinney drew applause from Members of the Scottish Parliament (NSPs) when he said, ‘I confirm today that I will increase by £2 million the funding for the Freight Facilities Grant in next year’s Budget. This will be funded through adjustments to the existing Transport Scotland budget for 2011-12.’

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