Boxing Day strikes announced

16 December 2012

ASLEF members working for London Underground have turned in a vote of over 90% for industrial action in a result declared this morning. The union’s executive has advised LUL management that its members will withdraw their labour on

  • 26 December
  • 18 January and
  • 25 January.  

The union is making no further comment on the situation so that discussions can continue if management is prepared to improve its offer.

‘This result shows the strength of feeling among our tube driver members,’ says general secretary Mick Whelan. ‘We are seeking quite reasonable assurances: that working on this day will be voluntary and that those who do attend will be adequately compensated. It is beyond belief that management cannot make an offer that achieves these points. ’

Over 50% of ASLEF members issued with ballot papers voted for industrial action according to Electoral Reform Services who conducted the ballot for the union. Of those who returned them, 1,040 said 'I am prepared to take part in a strike' while only 116 voted 'No'.

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