Rail protests over the UK

11 December 2012

‘Happy Christmas. Fare increases.’ That was the message rail unions were delivering at railway stations across the country today as part of the ASLEF-backed TUC ‘Action for Rail’ campaign. Union activists spoke to commuters and handed out leaflets warning of the fare increases that will hit commuters in the New Year. Meanwhile, the train companies will be handing out dividends to shareholders as well as picking up public subsidies – so commuters get whacked twice.

Action for Rail points out that the government, rather than tackle high fares, wants to give companies longer franchises and more freedom to

  • Increase fares

  • Close ticket offices
  • Cut thousands of staff at stations and on trains
  • Cut services and cram more passengers onto trains
  • Reduce critical safety work like maintenance and signalling.

Passengers were urged to contact their MPs to demand a rail service that

  • Limits rail fares to inflation
  • Keeps guards and catering staff on trains
  • Keeps ticket offices open
  • Invests in trains to provide seats for all; and
  • Keeps Network Rail in the ‘not for profit’ sector.

‘I’d like to thank all ASLEF members who turned out to make these points on a bitterly cold morning,’ said general secretary Mick Whelan. ‘It is in all our interests to work for a railway network that is safe, efficient and accessible.’

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