Guardian letter denounces EU austerity

14 November 2012

Mick Whelan added his name to a letter in today’s Guardian expressing support for trade unionists across Europe who are taking action today against austerity measures. The letter was signed by 25 people, including Tony Benn, Len McCluskey, Natalie Bennett and Katy Clark MP.

The letter reads:

‘Today millions of trade unionists across Europe are responding to the European TUC's call for a day of action against the austerity policies which are destroying public services and jobs, and blighting the lives of ordinary people. The suffering we see in Greece is the most extreme example of the devastation wreaked by these policies.

‘As a result there will be general strikes in Portugal, Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain, demanding alternative policies and an end to the onslaught which is destroying Europe's welfare states. In other countries, including Britain, there will be solidarity demonstrations showing the depth of public opposition (5pm outside the EU office in London), in support of the struggles across Europe and in defence of our own welfare state.’

Mick has also written to the governments of Spain and Greece condemning policies that will devastate the lives of millions of working people.

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