Tube bosses prevent Boxing Day working deal

14 November 2012

ASLEF’s London officer Steve Grant says that sections of London Underground management seem hell-bent on failing to find a solution to the current Boxing Day working dispute.

‘When we met management this week, we were made an offer that was worse than the ones we have rejected over the past two years in similar, although not identical, circumstances,’ Steve says. ‘It was more of a provocation than an attempt to reach agreement.’

He added that the union has no choice but to ballot its Tube members for industrial action about a Boxing Day working dispute again this year - and says he is confident of the full backing of LU members.

Management didn’t begin talking about the issue until a few weeks ago, and is now trying to bypass the union by offering drivers bribes including offering money for unused leave. This is in breach of all ASLEF’s existing agreements about leave and also the law which says you cannot offer pay in lieu for untaken holiday. (The Working Time Regulations of 1998 prevent payment in lieu of holiday except where employment is terminated).

‘So much for the company’s mouthings about being family-friendly,’ Steve says. ‘They’re not even family friendly at Christmas!’

The union says it is available for further meetings if management will come along with open minds but in the interim an industrial action ballot is being organised, the result of which will be known on 17 December.

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