Take action against the ERR bill

16 October 2012

Today the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats are launching their latest assault on the British worker, which could adversely affect the lives of millions of people. Vince Cable and the Tory-led government will bring their Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (ERR) Bill back to the House of Commons to try and turn it into Law. We urgently need your help to defeat this bill by getting as many MPs as possible to vote against it.

Click here to ask your MP to vote against this bill

This ERR bill will strip workers of vital employment protections by:

  • Watering down the rights of all employees in this country
  • Reducing the amount of compensation unfairly dismissed workers can receive, even though the time an employee is required to be employed before they are able to claim for unfair dismissal has already been raised from one year to two
  • Reducing protections for whistleblowers at work.

In addition to leaving thousands in fear for their jobs, the bill will also abolish the Human Rights Commission’s duty to promote a society free of discrimination.

We do not want to make it easier for bosses to sack people, we want to make it easier for firms to hire. Sweeping aside workers’ rights is only going to make things worse.

Please click here to ask your MP to vote against the ERR bill today

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