Young people should go busking, says Tory

20 September 2012

‘I was incensed when I read the remarks made by Folkestone MP Damian Collins about youth unemployment,’ Mick Whelan said today. ‘It appears this privately-educated Oxford scholar suggests young people could ‘go busking’ to start their careers. It is a callous echo of Norman Tebbit telling the unemployed to ‘get on their bikes’, and shows that the Tories haven’t changed one jot since the bleak Thatcher days. They have no contact with the real world.’

Mr Collins told a youth unemployment event young people should work for less than the minimum wage and presumably be humbly grateful for any crumbs tossed their way. He spoke about a chap who had ‘busked to raise the train fare to get to London to hawk his book of work around until he got his break’.

‘I don’t know if these remarks are more heartless or stupid,’ Mick said.

At last week’s TUC Conference, ASLEF President Alan Donnelly spoke about the terrible legacy of youth unemployment. ‘It is a tragedy that we are the first generation that cannot offer our children a better future than we could expect ourselves,’ he said. ‘Our young people today leave school and stare into a black hole.

‘The TUC slogan is ‘A future that works’. Let’s make that a reality for our young people, who are in desperate need of dignity and hope.’

It is a stark contrast with the attitude of today’s Tories …

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