CICA – temporary reprieve?

17 September 2012

Mick Whelan said today that while he was delighted that the government had not last week, as it had planned, down-graded the provisions of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICA) - he still fears it is a temporary reprieve.

ASLEF’s Mark Daniels spoke on the issue at last week’s TUC Congress, highlighting the fact that the plans to reduce CICA benefits amounted to ‘an unjust attack on the victims of crime who had obviously suffered enough’.

Later the same day, the government did not move the amendments it has threatened at a meeting of the House of Commons’ Delegated Legislation Committee. However, Mick points out that ‘not moving’ the changes does not mean they have been withdrawn.

‘I suspect they will try to bring in the changes to weaken the law so as to effectively exclude our members from CICA provisions,’ Mick says. ‘But in the interim this suspension, even if they intend that it is only temporary, gives us the opportunity to increase our efforts to retain the present arrangements - and to argue that their insufficient compensation provisions are radically improved.’

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