Greening joins the Two Dozen Club

04 September 2012

The news that Justine Greening has been sacked as Transport Secretary means she is now the 24th living person to have held this position.

Mick Whelan anticipated her removal last month as he pointed out that the turnover of this job demonstrates ‘a lamentable government disregard for transport’.

‘Governments don’t give transport anything like the priority it has with the public. By the time ministers get a grip of the brief, they are gone,’ he said. ‘It is time transport was given the priority in Westminster that it has in the rest of the country. Rail needs long-term planning - and it can’t be done with short-term ministers.’

Justine Greening has paid the price, it seems, for insisting that her party should stand by its pre-election pledge to oppose a new runway at Heathrow. She has been replaced by former Conservative Chief Whip Patrick McLoughlin, who presumably has no such qualms.

There is good news and bad about the new transport minister for trade unionists. On the one hand, he is a former miner who was a member of the National Union of Mineworkers. On the other, he was one of only six Staffordshire miners to break the 1984 NUM strike

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