Pat on the back for ASLEF as tube records are broken

06 August 2012

Mick Whelan, general secretary, says he would like to congratulate all London Underground workers for the pivotal part they have played in transporting massive amounts of Londoners and visitors to the Olympics.

‘The record number of people carried by London Underground was broken three days running last week - and our members were key to that,’ Mick says. ‘I am congratulating them because no one else has done so. The silence of politicians and the media at this good news is a marked contrast from last week when there was a possibility of industrial action. Everyone had something to say then!’

On the first Wednesday of the Games, 4.25 million people used London Underground. On Thursday that rose to 4.31 million and on Friday the number of Underground passengers rose to 4.4 million.

‘We’ve been driving more than half a million passengers more a day since the Olympics began,’ Mick says. ‘Perhaps the regular moaners can reflect on that before they start complaining about ASLEF members in the future.’

And the Gold medal for ‘the Tube’s happiest passenger’ probably goes to Ruben Limardo, the Venezuelan fencer who put in the performance of his life, picked up a Gold medal – and then hopped on to the Tube to get back to his hotel! Here’s a couple of pictures of a very happy man!

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