Union says EMT is sabotaging fresh dispute talks

13 June 2012

ASLEF’s general secretary Mick Whelan has reacted angrily to East Midlands Trains accusing the union of ‘hypocrisy’ in the on-going dispute over pensions. ‘The company began to put out these smears only hours after agreeing a meeting for next Tuesday.

‘So on one hand they smile and promise open and honest talks, while on the other they sneak around calling the union names. And then they accuse us of hypocrisy!

‘I have to say their ill-tempered outbursts do not bode well for an agreement to be made at next week’s meeting. They are clearly more concerned with their egos than their passengers.’

Mick says he had intended to keep criticism of the company within the negotiating room, but ‘EMT’s amateur snipers’ make this difficult’. The company did not tell the truth when they said pension scheme actuaries proposed the changes to the scheme, they did not consult with the scheme members involved and they hid the fact that the government had cautioned against the changes.

‘Today EMT is making inappropriate comparisons with other companies who have consulted properly with their staff. It is disingenuous to say the least. They are the first to tell us that all agreements are ‘stand alone’ – pay, pensions, conditions, whatever.

‘Given this, I really don’t think we need sermons about hypocrisy from EMT,’ Mick says. ‘Today’s outburst looks like an attempt to sabotage Tuesday’s negotiations.’

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