ASLEF drivers in action at Tyne and Wear

07 June 2012

ASLEF members are today taking the first of two strike days at Tyne and Wear Metro. RMT and Unite members are involved in the same pay dispute.

General Secretary Mick Whelan says the action ‘could have been prevented quite easily’ – if management had agreed to abide by the current arrangements of free collective bargaining.

ASLEF official Nicky Whitehead says the problem is that Deutsche Bahn (DB), which runs the service on behalf of NEXUS, has agreed with NEXUS that wages will be limited to the Average Weekly Earning Index. This would effectively mean the end of any negotiations and could lead to wages losing value each year.

‘Given this position, our members were left with no alternative but to take action,’ says Mick Whelan, who also confirmed that there would also be strike action on 21 June. He said the union had received messages of support for their Tyne and Wear colleagues from branches across the country.

The picture shows Nicky Whitehead and Tosh McDonald (the union’s vice-president) with pickets at Gosforth

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