Jubilee warning for Olympic chaos

06 June 2012

Mick Whelan, ASLEF’s general secretary, warned today that the transport problems in London over the Diamond Jubilee weekend could be dwarfed during the summer’s Olympic Games. ‘The inability of the network to cope last weekend was ominous,’ he said. ‘We have fears of major disruption over the Olympic period, which will last from 27 July until 9 September.’

Mick has already warned that these could be remembered as ‘the bad tempered Games’. ‘I don’t believe the public is aware of the scale of possible disruption, so they are not making alternative travel plans,’ he said as he called for ‘a massive awareness campaign’ to be launched as a matter of priority.

‘The number of visitors for the Olympics will be far more than last weekend and obviously be over a much longer period. Nerves and tempers will become increasingly frayed.’

Mick is concerned not only for the public, but for the safety of transport staff who may be the targets for frustrated travellers.

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