EMT strikes ‘utterly justified’ says union

17 May 2012

General Secretary Mick Whelan said that the action taken by ASLEF members in East Midland Trains was further justified after Dave Tyson, a Trustee Director on the Railway Pension Scheme, warned today of further threats to pensions from Insolvency 2 proposals from the European Union.

Dave warned that if introduced this would effectively mean that sponsoring companies would have to put millions of pounds into their schemes, with some estimates of the cost being somewhere in the region of 500 billion euros in additional funding.

‘These are the sorts of uncertainties that face our members,’ Mick said. ‘It is only reasonable that they should demand a fully protected and funded pension scheme. Our members work for the railways for all their lives. They cannot afford to take a short-term view like franchise companies.’

Today saw the final day of announced strikes in the company. Mick says the union’s executive committee will consider how to progress the dispute when it meets next week.

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