East Midland Trains ‘getting desperate’ says union

15 May 2012

ASLEF general secretary Mick Whelan said the ‘bizarre and insulting’ media statements put out by East Midland Trains recently shows that they are getting desperate. ‘They have run out of ideas, so they are beginning to hit our like naughty children. Their latest accusation – that the union is ‘keeping its members in the dark’ – is even more ridiculous than it is insulting.

‘They are obviously ignorant about this issue,‘ says Mick Whelan. ‘Not being members of our union, they obviously do not know what has been communicated. If they had been ASLEF members they would know the company’s accusations are ridiculous. We have communicated with our members by every means available to us.

‘This type of misleading attack will only lengthen this dispute. I call on EMT management to try to control themselves and come back to the negotiating table in a reasonable and dignified manner.’

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