Six reasons to vote Ken

02 May 2012

The Tory-led government has been bad news for London. We can’t let the Tories get away with it on Thursday.

Ken will: 

1) Cut public transport fares - saving the average Londoner £1,000 over four years. 

2) Crack down on crime by reversing Boris Johnson's police cuts 

3) Help cut the cost of renting through a new not-for-profit London lettings agency. 

4) Lower heating bills by £150 per year on average - through insulation and an Energy Co-operative to cut out rip-off energy utilities 

5) Introduce a £30 London Education Maintenance Allowance to help16-19 year olds stay in education. 

6) Provide grants and interest-free loans to support the cost of childcare - and campaign against Tory cuts to childcare tax credits. 

Equally importantly, a vote for Ken is a vote to stop the Tories. As Tory Mayor, Boris Johnson has campaigned to reduce the top rate of tax for the wealthiest 1%, and hiked up fares. 

Remember, to make sure we don’t let the Tories get away with it.  Vote Labour in London on Thursday. Vote Ken. 

For more information about how you can be better off with Ken click here

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