Parking Levy will hit transport workers

04 April 2012

Earlier this week Nottingham Council announced plans to make drivers pay £288 plus VAT per year just to park their cars at work amid fears that it will be rolled out nationwide. The Workplace Parking Levy will apply to all firms who provide parking to more than ten members of staff and could potentially cost businesses and employees billions of pounds.

ASLEF General Secretary Mick Whelan commented ‘this cash grab by Nottingham City Council stands to be yet another stealth tax on workers and will damage investment in the city. It’s a further blow to rail and transport workers and others on shifts who have no choice but to park in city centres to do their jobs'.

Mick added 'I’m concerned that at a time of unprecedented pressures on the cost of living the levy will force rail workers to consider other ways of getting to work which will make their working days longer and could therefore have an impact on health and safety.’

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