More Boris bungling on driverless trains

26 March 2012

Conservative candidate Boris Johnson has released his manifesto to remain Mayor of London. In it he continues with what Mick Whelan describes as his ‘increasingly paranoid sabre-rattling’ against trade unions.

Mr Johnson says he won’t buy new Tube trains with drivers’ cabs - and he wants even more stringent strike laws to prevent any union objections to his plans to introduce driverless trains.

‘Boris is allowing his own deeply ingrained prejudices to affect the safety of millions of Tube passengers,’ Mick says. ‘The travelling public is not interested in the Mayor’s hatred of trade unions or his violent objections to any challenge to his authoritarian views. They want a safe underground system.

‘If he had not refused to meet the unions throughout his first – and hopefully final – term of office, we could have explained the obvious to him: that to introduce driverless trains onto our current network with its constant signal and points failures would be nothing less than murderous. To leave the whole system dependent in future on the hope that we will never have a computer failure on the Underground is utterly ridiculous.

‘And then on top of this, he attempts to make it illegal to disagree with him. May 3 will be a dark day for the capital if Boris is re-elected.’

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