Tories prove there are no free lunches!

26 March 2012

ASLEF leader Mick Whelan said today that while he knew the expression ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’ – he still had no idea that a dinner could cost £50,000! It seems that anyone giving this amount of money to the Conservatives is entitled to have a dinner with David Cameron.

‘This whole affair baffles me,’ Mick said. ‘I’d pay a couple of bob not to have my dinner with Mr Cameron. It would quite put me off my food.

‘But on a more serious note, it is ominous that No 10 is desperate that the Prime Minister’s fellow-diners should remain anonymous. If these events are not suspicious or unsavoury, why should the name of those who attend be secret?

‘It is a startling contrast with Labour Party funding, which is open and available for all to see.’

Mick added that apart from their secret scoffing, he hoped the Tories would cease making innuendoes about the open and transparent link between the Labour Party and the trade unions. ‘Both these partners are entirely democratic and available to scrutiny,’ Mick said. ‘These are lessons the Conservative Party would do well to learn.’

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