ASLEF dismisses talk of driverless tubes as ‘tosh’

27 February 2012

ASLEF general secretary Mick Whelan said that Boris Johnson’s vow to introduce driverless trains to harm transport unions was ‘empty rhetoric, hot air and another broken election pledge in the making’. Mick says, ‘Boris knows as well as I do that he can’t do it and he won’t do it.’

The union says that if he was to introduce driverless tube trains, the number of deaths on the Underground would amount to corporate slaughter. ‘You can only have driverless trains without compromising safety if you have a fail-safe, utterly reliable, infallible signalling system and trains that don’t break down. Otherwise you expose travellers to a life lottery every time they go down the tube,’ Mick points out.

‘The Mayor is talking tosh.’

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