Electrify line to Swansea says union

23 February 2012

The argument for electrifying the rail line from Swansea to Paddington has been greatly boosted by a Welsh Affairs Committee report which calls on the government to announce plans to extend electrification of the Great Western Main Line to Swansea at the earliest opportunity. It goes on to say, ‘We believe a strong economic case has been made for electrification of the line to Swansea and we welcome and support the Secretary of State for Wales in calling for it to happen.’

Swansea East MP Sian James said, ‘There have been several references from Government about the need for a robust business case – but we saw little of this same hard line approach when ministers confirmed details of the high speed HS2 network in England which included a number of very costly amendments.’

Sian intends to take up the argument personally with ministers in coming weeks and Mick Whelan assured her of ASLEF support, saying, ‘The Welsh Affairs Committee report identified Wales as having one of the worst records in the UK in terms of attracting inward investment – and it confirmed that the Welsh transport infrastructure has been under-funded for a number of years.’

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