DBS workers struggle for 2011 pay increase

21 February 2012

ASLEF’s 45 members working for DB Shenker Infrastructure Monitoring will take two further days’ industrial action on 6 and 8 March – having already been on strike on 19 January and 16 February this year and for two days last year.

It is almost incredible that these members are still pursuing a satisfactory pay agreement for last year. The company will not move their offer from 2.5% - on the basis that that is the figure accepted in the parent company. ‘Effectively this means IM are refused free collective bargaining, and are having a figure imposed which has been negotiated elsewhere and for drivers working different conditions,’ says union general secretary Mick Whelan. ‘There is an important principle involved here.’


Infrastructure Monitoring is concerned with important safety work as it is engaged in ultrasonic and high-speed testing of the track and overhead cabling for Network Rail. Some shifts are 160 miles - all conducted at 30mph. Drivers are condemned to work significant night work and receive a ‘paltry’ lodging allowance while they are away from home for up to a week at a time.

IM trains play an essential part in railway safety
IM trains play an essential part in railway safety

  • In the forthcoming (March) Journal there is an article on this subject which inadvertently reads ‘2010’ where it should read ‘2011’.
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