Stop tinkering with fares says GS

27 January 2012

Today’s news that three quarters of passengers are unhappy about the cost of their train tickets comes as no surprise says ASLEF’s general secretary Mick Whelan. ‘The only long term remedy is to make sure profits are reinvested in our industry to maintain and improve it. Instead we allow profits flow out to line the pockets of investors.

'Anything less than addressing this basic core problem is mere tinkering.

‘Some of the McNulty proposals are about saving the industry by snatching a few pence from worker’s wallets. It is almost laughable when millions leak out to people who do nothing for rail, like investors, lawyers, consultants and accountants.

At the same time, Mick points out that the latest National Passenger Survey reveals that 84% of rail travellers were satisfied with their journey and 81% were satisfied with punctuality and reliability – just about the same results as the previous year.

Carried out by the independent rail consumer watchdog Passenger Focus, the results also reveal

  • Only 46% were satisfied with value for money for the price of their ticket
  • Two individual train operating companies were perceived to have significantly improved (First Capital Connect and London Overground) and two to have noticeably declined (South West Trains and First Hull Trains).
  • The lowest ratings for overall satisfaction were given to National Express East Anglia (77%), First Capital Connect (80%), CrossCountry (82%), Southeastern (83%), Southern (83%), Northern Rail (83%) and First Great Western (83%).
  • The highest ratings for overall satisfaction were achieved by Grand Central (95%), Heathrow Express (93%), Merseyrail (93%), London Overground (92%) and Heathrow Connect (92%).
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