Aslef backing for Greek protestors

24 January 2012

Mick Whelan has written to trade unionists arrested in Greece for occupying a power company to prevent supplies to working people being cut off. Mick expressed ASLEF’s support for the actions of Nikos Photopoulos and other members of the GENOP-DEH union.

Fifteen members of the Greek union who work in the public power company face prison sentences of between six months and five years. They were arrested for staging a sit-in at the company offices in Athens in protest at the cutting off of power to people unable or unwilling to pay the new property tax.

Mick says, ‘I offer the full backing of ASLEF to these brave and principled trade unionists. Their actions to prevent the power disconnections and to demand the withdrawal of the new tax are entirely legitimate. Indeed, their defence of the right of citizens to access such a vital public service is essential, especially in these times of economic hardship.’

ASLEF has pledged its support to the GEOP-DEH union members in their legal struggle with the Greek authorities and joins with the Greek trade unions GENOP and GSEE in their call for the prosecutions to be abandoned and charges dropped.

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