ASLEF welcomes Ed Miliband’s rail fare pledge

11 January 2012

In his speech on the economy yesterday Ed Miliband highlighted the Government’s unwillingness to tackle rail fare increases of as much as 11% this month with further increases of as much as 13% next year which will mean some commuters spending 20% of the income on season tickets (based on average salary levels).

The Labour leader criticised the Government for letting the train companies rig the system of fares to ensure the busiest routes get the biggest fare increases. He added that Labour would introduce a simple rule where the limit for fare increases should apply to all regulated fares, not just those on routes used by the fewest people.


Endorsing the statement ASLEF General Secretary Mick Whelan said ‘I am pleased that Ed Miliband has pledged to tackle the scandal of rail fare increases. This news will be welcomed by thousands of workers and communities throughout the country.’

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