Hypocritical Tories want LU strike ban

15 April 2013

Conservative members of the London Assembly have called for strikes on the Tube to be banned. Mick Whelan, ASLEF’s general secretary, says this demand to remove a basic human right is both extremist and hypocritical.

‘It does raise the question of what malicious acts they are planning against our members to merit such an extreme call from London Tories,’ Mick says.

He points out that the authorities already have numerous legal hurdles in place before industrial action can take place, and that both workers and management have access to internal and external arbitration.

‘They would only need to take away this basic human right if they are planning massive attacks on our members,’ Mick says. ‘The demands show up these Tories as anti-democratic and authoritarian. They will not get their way. No one like bully boys.’

Mick points out that the Conservative group have a record of extreme demands and a history of hypocrisy. ‘Do they not see the contradiction in demanding that over half our eligible members must vote for action before a strike can be legal – when their Mayor polled under 40% of London votes.

‘And they justify the demand by claiming that a poll of less than 300 people showed, according to them, 48% in favour of ‘some sort of curb’ on strike action!

‘These people have very little grip on the concept of democracy.’

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