ASLEF welcomes 10p tax rate

14 February 2013

ASLEF welcomes Labour’s pledge to reintroduce the 10p tax rate

Labour Leader Ed Miliband today outlined Labour’s vision for the future of the UK economy in a major speech in Bedford, reaffirming his aspirations to grow the economy ‘from the middle outwards’ and tackle issues such as exorbitant pay day loans and excessive rail fare increases. In a Valentine sweetener he also announced a commitment to introduce a mansion tax on properties worth over £2million which would be used to reintroduce the 10p rate of income tax.

Welcoming the speech ASLEF General Secretary Mick Whelan said, ‘I applaud Ed’s pledge to bring back the 10p rate of income tax, funded by a mansion tax on properties worth over £2 million,which could help 25 million people. It is right that Labour is seeking to create a fairer and better balanced tax system where the burden is on wealth and assets as well as income.’

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