Rumblings Underground

13 February 2013

EC member Terry Wilkinson says London Underground are taking an increasingly macho and authoritarian approach to industrial relations – and that ASLEF members will not be treated other than with the dignity and respect they deserve.

It is surely no coincidence that there are disputes on:

  • Jubilee Line – where management have caused a serious breakdown of industrial relations by their refusal to abide by agreements. The union feels nothing can be gained by negotiation without the authority from members to take industrial action on the issue. A ballot of members at North Greenwich and Stratford on the Jubilee Line is being arranged, with 10 March being the final date for the return of ballot papers.


  • Bakerloo Line – where the union was forced to take action for three weeks on the run to convince managers to discuss a detrainment in a responsible manner.

Last year management introduced ‘flash and dash’ procedures which ended physical checks on trains before they entered sidings. Drivers were required to make three announcements, flick the lights on and off – and cross their fingers and hope the passengers had alighted.

As a result, over 3,000 passengers over-carried in a year - putting both drivers and passengers at risk. When management refused to reconsider, ASLEF members reacted by refusing to carry out their instructions.

  • Across the network – as Terry also points out that LUL last month announced plans to run trains until 02:00 at weekends from 2015 without troubling themselves to mention this to the staff, or the union that negotiated and agreed the Trains Framework agreement.
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