Union reacts to Waverley pollution

05 February 2013

The union has demanded action to cut pollution at Edinburgh’s Waverley Station after a study revealed that air pollution at the station is seven times higher than public safety limits.

ASLEF’s Scottish Officer Kevin Lindsay says the union has written to Network Rail and train operators including ScotRail, East Coast and Virgin demanding action to reduce dangerous emissions inside the station.

Kevin says it is ‘completely unacceptable’ that nitrogen dioxide – produced by vehicle exhaust and capable of damaging lungs, blood and immune systems – was recorded in four areas around Waverley’s concourse.

‘Network Rail has claimed that it has improved ventilation and restricted some vehicle access but this is totally inadequate,’ Kevin says. ‘We want concrete proposals for how Network Rail and the train companies intend to improve air quality in the station.’

One immediate step that could be taken, he argued was to prevent diesel locomotives from coming into the covered area.

Waverley is the only UK mainline railway station that still allows vehicles, including taxis, private cars and delivery trucks, to drive right inside it.

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