April 2011 - We're a well run union - it figures!

01 June 2013

Looking at our end of year accounts I am pleased to tell you once again ASLEF is well on course to remain an independent and professional trade union for the foreseeable future. When I came to head office in 2004 we were in a critical financial state. There was talk of merger. Nobody I know would want that to happen. One of my main concerns was to return the union to financial stability and, due to careful management of your money I believe we have achieved that.


In 2010 our union returned an operating surplus for the fourth consecutive year. However the warning signs remain. When expenditure increases and income remains static it is only a matter of time before deficit returns. We have achieved a surplus of 382k – a real achievement bearing in mind we have not increased subscriptions. Costs have risen, AAD costs, increases in district council expenses and branch secretary expenses especially when there are substantial surpluses in the accounts of both district councils and branches.


The additional payments to District Councils four times per year- and increases in branch secretary payments have contributed to an overall increase in expenditure of 157k per year.


Our investments have held up well. Our members still continue to receive the best of benefits provided by our union. A point often forgotten is that we are also an employer. We employ people who are loyal to this union and who expect to be treated with respect. This means increasing their pay as we would train drivers. We will shortly be moving to a new location which is long overdue but is necessary to take ASLEF into the future.


The message is; if you want your union to remain strong, powerful, influential and independent then you must be prepared to pay for it. If you don’t want this ASLEF will pass into history.

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