May 2010 - A freedom too far?

01 June 2013

THE General Election is upon us and I will continue to support and vote for Labour. I have lived a great deal of my life under harsh Tory governments - and leopards don’t change their spots. Labour remains the best party to deal with the problems we face.


But - unlike some sections of the press and media - I wouldn’t dare to tell our membership how to vote. It is your decision, although I encourage all of our members to use their vote and hopefully vote Labour.


Regarding the press, the BBC seems to have found a new ‘Eric and Ernie’ in the shape of journalists Andrew Pierce (Daily Mail) and Kevin Maguire (Daily Mirror and friend of the Labour Party). This unlikely coupling appear regularly on the BBC expressing their views on anything and everything. They are both from a 'profession' that exposed MPs expenses – and rightly have plenty to say on the subject.


But surely, as the BBC is funded by licence payers, we have the right to know how much of our money these two get for their BBC double act? How much do the editors of the Sun, Mirror, Mail and the others get? The so called ‘profession’ is quick to expose others - but what about themselves? When will we read in their columns full details of their pay and expenses? When Hereford elects a Communist MP I suppose.


Covered by qualified privilege they write what they like and bury retractions in the bottom left hand corner of page 23 when they get it wrong. It particularly upsets me that journalists and writers wait until somebody dies before printing allegations about their private lives – knowing the allegations cannot be refuted from the grave.


Freedom of the press is one thing. Freedom to criticise everybody else while protecting your own is another.

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