Jan 2005 - Driving forward with professionalism

01 June 2013

The tragic events in South and South East Asia on Boxing Day and more recently in the North of England are a reminder of the awesome power that nature can generate when she wants to. These tragedies have in many respects allowed us as ASLEF members to put our own difficulties into their proper perspective.

I know that many individual members have already made donations to the various appeals launched especially in support of the thousands of orphaned children who have had their childhood taken away from them by these events. ASLEF although only a small organisation will give support to the Tsunami appeal launched by the TUC and may I take this opportunity to thank all individual members for their generosity so far.

Whilst our 125 th year has not started as we all would have wished we are making progress. The special AAD will see the changes that have been made following the implementation of the Kelly Report. Our campaigns in respect of improved technology in driving cabs and level crossing safety will soon be under way.

May I use this column to welcome Bros Nigel Gibson and Bryan Davies to the Executive Committee where I hope both members will have a successful period of office. I must thank Bro Stan Moran for his contribution to the EC during a very difficult period in our history and for the invaluable assistance he gave to me following the tragic events at Ladbroke Grove and more recently at Ufton Nervet.

A special thank you must go to Bro Dave Tyson who through a difficult time always kept his head and always acted in the best interests of ASLEF. I will miss Dave very much and when this period of ASLEF history is written I am sure he will receive the acclamation he deserves for steering ASLEF through what has probably been the most torrid time in our history.

In conclusion I believe 2005 is going to be a successful year for ASLEF. Our union is strong and fit and we will ward off all of those who choose to attack us because we provide professional representation to professional train drivers. ASLEF is and always will be the trade union for the professional train driver. My best wishes to you all for 2005.

Keith Norman 
Acting General Secretary

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